TTP - 644M Pro

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A top-of-the-line industrial thermal-transfer label printer should be durable, reliable, simple to use and, preferably, have a low cost of ownership. It also should be affordable, since most 600-dpi label-printing solutions are very expensive.


The TSC TTP-644M 600-dpi label printer meets all those requirements. It was specifically designed for industrial applications that require the highest-quality print for small fonts, barcodes and graphics. Its state-of-the-art label calibration allows customers to print on labels as small as 3mm high, with a 1mm gap between labels, and the TTP-644M costs considerably less than comparable 600-dpi printers. (Those customers looking for an affordable printer that can produce small high-resolution labels should compare TSC’s ultra-precise calibration with that of any competitor. In the TTP-644M, they will find a superb high-resolution printer that offers the best price-performance in its class.)


Tough construction, loads of features, best warranty 
Constructed of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum, the TTP-644M is loaded with standard features not offered by other label printers in its class, including a large LCD display, built-in Ethernet, a PS/2 keyboard interface, and USB 2.0, parallel and serial communications. The TTP-644M offers plenty of memory, including 32MB DRAM and 8 MB FLASH, which can be used for easy storage of fonts, international character sets and graphics. The printer also comes with a secure digital (SD) FLASH memory card slot for inexpensively adding up to 4 GB of memory.


  • 600 dpi
  • Precise calibration for printing on small labels with small gaps
  • Ethernet, USB 2.0, serial and parallel connectivity are standard
  • 4.09-inch-wide print width
  • Thermal-transfer print technology
  • 600-meter ribbons
  • High-quality die-cast aluminum design
  • 32 MB DRAM, 8 MB FLASH
  • SD FLASH card memory expands storage to 4 GB
  • Powerful 32-bit 200-MHz RISC processor
  • Standard industry emulations right out of the box, including Eltron® and Zebra® language support
  • PS/2 keyboard interface for standalone or data entry at print site