Zebra LS3408, 1D, kit RS232

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Professional scanner for demanding industrial applications Optimised optics for long-range, wide-angle, or low-quality barcodes impact, water and dust-resistant incl.: cable (RS232), power supply unit


The industrial handheld LS3408ER and LS3408FZ scanners are extremely powerful, versatile and especially robust. This makes them ideal for process optimisation in all industrial applications. Use them for your car fleet, warehouse, shipping centres, production facilities, or in building supplies and retail: the LS3408 series offers the best performance, excellent reliability and user-friendly ergonomics, which will create a new, more productive working environment. This scanner family was especially designed for demanding industrial applications. Two versions are available, the LS3408ER and the LS3408FZ, which feature different optics. This gives you the choice of the right model to perfectly satisfy your needs. Both versions can use several integrated interfaces and offer flexible plug and play connection options for various systems.
The LS3408ER was optimised for a large scanning range. Depending on bar code size and type, it reads the codes from a distance of between 13 cm and 14 m – a versatility that is required by many modern industrial applications. The two scan modes "Wide Angle” and "Standard” can be switched using a software signal even during operation, to configure the scanner optimally for every process according to the type of scanned objects. The LS3408FZ utilises fuzzy logic to recognise damaged, dirty or badly printed 1D bar codes that are often seen under industrial conditions and reads them at "normal” distances fast and accurately. Both versions feature a bright and clearly visible bar code target point with a 650 nm laser, which makes aiming at the correct bar code significantly easier, especially from large distances or under bright lighting conditions.

These scanners were designed to be durable under any condition: the robust IP65 sealed housing is resistant against repeated impacts on concrete from a height of two metres, effectively reducing servicing to a minimum. Laser optics as well as electronics are protected against such impacts inside the housing. The LS3408ER has proven its reliability more than once in tests that were conducted by the renowned Motorola laboratories. The scan window is particularly scratch-resistant and located below the housing surface in order to ensure the highest durability and optimum scanning results.

Applications that require instant availability and a secure holder can use the metal hook on the LS3408ER to connect it to a lifting device. The two large LED windows and loud acoustic signal generators (up to 80 dB, programmable) are located in such a way that users receive confirmations perfectly, even under very noisy and poor visual conditions. The housing is optimised for high ergonomics, which is proven by the fact that users can use the device over a prolonged period of time without showing any signs of fatigue. A weight of 350 g meets demands for low-weight, as well as ergonomic requirements that require a device with a minimum weight.

Using RSM support (Remote Scanner Management), the devices can be configured and upgraded centrally, which significantly lowers administrative costs for upgrades and changes. The integrated Flash memory makes local updates and configuration changes as easy as with RSM. Furthermore, the scanners in this series support Advanced Data Formatting and many functions that avoid cost-intensive hardware and software changes in the host system: the programmable decoder of the scanners modifies read data according to its configuration (e.g. deleting or adding characters, reformatting or resequencing of strings).

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warranty (months) - 36